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Lettera G, founded in Milan in 2007 as a branch of Giovanardi spa, a company active in BTB since 1919,designs and manufactures high-design objects and furniture elements.
Lettera G benefits from the talent and creative flair of Italian designers chosen in collaboration with POLI-design of the Politecnico of Milan.
In the Giovanardi workshop, a context that is essential to the creation and development of design projects, these designers have built up an impressive and distinguished catalogue characterised by original and unique ideas.
Today the workshop Lettera G by Giovanardi is also open to the ideas and projects by architects wishing to realise high-end contracts. Thanks to its dynamism and liveliness, in fact, the workshop is characterised by great manufacturing flexibility which not only allows it to customise its collections but also makes it an excellent partner in the study and creation of furnishing projects and concepts for architects, hotels, restaurants, residences and retail


To Lettera G, design is the heart and the pursuit of beauty.
Lettera G evolves the technical and functional aspect of design to create atmosphere, fascination and a touch of dissonance.
To Lettera G design is beauty to the eye and to the touch. It is the poetry and the art of creating objects, redesigning and reinventing our daily lives.


Lettera G objects, furnishings and projects are entirely developed in the Concorezzo factory, between Milan and the laborious Brianza area.
Each individual piece of furnishing of the collections requires a dedicated finishing stage, entrusted to the skill of artisans and technicians who express Italian excellence in every stage of production, both through the use of sophisticated CNC machines such as lasers, pantographs and robotic systems, as well as in particular manual processes such as grinding, polishing, sanding and assembly.


The purpose of the brand name ‘Lettera G’ is to convey the Italian identity of the brand, continuity with the past, Giovanardi, and a vision for the future of the company itself.
Lettera G evokes the famous Olivetti ‘Lettera 22’, the portable typewriter once used by many journalists, including Indro Montanelli, of the company for which Giovanardi worked for over thirty years.
‘Lettera’ (letter), however, is also a functional element of the sign system, the alphabet, with which we communicate; it is therefore both ‘sign’ and ‘writing’, and has a functional and cultural value.
‘Letter’ is a written communication sent from a person or a society to another person or community; it is dialogue, communication.
Lastly, ‘letter’ is a humanistic word, a declaration of intent; the desire to ‘write’, to leave a mark, as design in general and LETTERA G in particular strive to do.

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