"Dining with the fabulous 50's"

italian 50´s by Alessandro Marelli, 2012

There was the desire for something new and revenge in the air, everyone was running towards a free future, without restrictions. Lettera G relives and revisits those years by proposing a table and a chair which are heavily inspired by the shapes of those enviroments, playing with finishes and combinations of materials unknown at the time. That is how Italian 50's came about, a table and a chair to dream of a new Golden Age.
Function: table and chair. Materials: satin metal and acrylic.
Colour: Transparent top with light green flouring edge.
Dimensions: Chair cm 43 x 43 x 79 h
Square table: cm 110 x 110 x 75 h
Rectangular table: cm 200 x 90 x 75 h
Other dimensions on request.