Lettera G, contemporary design factory, develops objects and accessories characterised by richness of expression, attention to detail and high craftsmanship.

The company, originally founded in Milan in 2007 with the name of Gspot Design, today changes its brand-name to Lettera G in token of its desire to convey to the public the Italian character of the brand.

Lettera G chooses its designers in collaboration with POLI-design of the Milan Polytechnic, and puts them in contact with its own factory, Giovanardi spa, founded in 1919 and active in the market of BTB.

The project Lettera G originates, in fact, from an entrepreneurial desire to invest, on one hand, in the creative expression and talent of young designers who, with their enthusiasm and their spontaneity, are able to view the nature of objects from a different perspective, and on the other hand, to bring to fruition the experience gained in over 90 years of manufacturing excellence.

Thus the designers encounter the factory, a crucial setting in the creative and evolutive stage of the project, and give life to unusual and elegant design objects.