brand name

The brand name LETTERA G

The purpose of the brand name ‘Lettera G’ is to convey the Italian identity of the brand, continuity with the past, Giovanardi, and a vision for the future of the company itself.
Lettera G evokes the famous Olivetti ‘Lettera 22’, the portable typewriter once used by many journalists, including Indro Montanelli, of the company for which Giovanardi worked for over thirty years.
‘Lettera’ (letter), however, is also a functional element of the sign system, the alphabet, with which we communicate; it is therefore both ‘sign’ and ‘writing’, and has a functional and cultural value.
‘Letter’ is a written communication sent from a person or a society to another person or community; it is dialogue, communication.
Lastly, ‘letter’ is a humanistic word, a declaration of intent; the desire to ‘write’, to leave a mark, as design in general and LETTERA G in particular strive to do.